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Build Free White Hat Backlinks to Your Website Without Cold Emailing People!

Learn How to Use HARO to Build Backlinks to Your Website.

Building backlinks is usually a nightmare. Most of the time, you’ve only got a few options:

  • You spend months on skyscraper or guest post campaigns, cold emailing complete strangers looking for links.
  • You pay an agency hundreds, thousands of dollars for links, without any guarantee of their quality.
  • You try one of the other hundred link-building strategies with mixed results at best.

You know that links help your site.

But building them sucks. Maybe the worst part of the niche site business.

It takes time and effort. And when you’re wearing a hundred different hats in your business, it’s hard to dedicate time and effort to uncertain link building.

Then, when you do make time…

You don’t even know if the people you reach out to are interested in linking.

You can put in the time and effort with absolutely no guarantee if it works.

So Many Wasted Resources

There’s a reason why ‘grow your site without backlinks’ methods are so popular...

Most people don’t like building backlinks

And when you do start building links, there’s a whole lot of hurdles to jump over.

Most of all, the amount of resources you have to pump into your efforts. Either, money, or a lot of the time, both.

Spending weeks doing background research on sites likely to link to you (with the help of expensive SEO tools), then cold-emailing site owners looking for a link to your skyscraper article, or to see if you can write a guest post.

And even then, there’s no guarantee it’ll even work.

In fact, most of the time you won’t even get a response, as niche site owners get bombarded with emails asking for links every day.

Let’s be honest… How many times have you received an email suggesting you link to their article and actually do it? I mark those emails as spam now and so do most other webmasters.

Site owners don’t want to go in and edit an already-published article because you have a “twenty top hacks” article, and they only linked to a “ten top hacks” article.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to:

  • Know who is actually looking for sources to link to.
  • Have those writers come to YOU every day.
  • Build links while checking your emails.
  • Have it done for a minimal investment - most of the time, completely free.
  • Hire a virtual assistant to do it for you.

Build Backlinks Every Day For FREE With HARO 

You might have heard of HARO, a platform that connects journalists and writers with sources that they can use in articles.

You get free emails daily that have journalists looking for sources. You respond, and if you’re selected, you get referenced - usually with a backlink!

If done right, it’s a cost-effective way to build links.

And these are usually stellar links from media outlets! Not some crappy “content mill” site.

Sounds awesome! The only thing is HARO is super competitive. You need to stand out.

I dabbled with the HARO off and on. And have improved my success every time.

But it isn’t just me, you may remember a recent guest, Anthony, from my podcast and YouTube channel.

$700 Per Month in 8 Months

Here is his story using HARO for link building.

“The first time I tried using HARO, I was terrible. Then, each time, I would work on my processes and improve my responses each and every time.

Eventually, I developed checklists, processes, and templates that I could use for any site in my portfolio.

Then, towards the end of 2019, I bought a new starter site. It had about 10,000 words of average quality content and that was really it.

I spent the first few months focused pretty heavily on adding content and only used HARO for link building. Then after those initial few months, I added some other link building strategies.

At that time, my site went from strength to strength. Traffic exploded and went from under 100 visitors a day through search console to over 300 visitors a day.

Not only did traffic increase, but it was also targeted.

I was able to grow my site from under $5 a month (if I was lucky) to having multiple $700 months within the first eight months - even with Amazon commission cuts!”

Outsourcing HARO: “Some Months I Pay $13 a Link”

So, my processes with HARO were working. Anthony was able to get links for free by answering emails.

People that wanted to link to Anthony’s site were sending requests via HARO. No more begging for links!

From there, Anthony looked at all of the processes and templates that he’d set up to streamline his HARO replies and thought, “if I can do this with my templates, I wonder what would happen if I got someone else to try it”.

So that’s what he did. He reached out to freelancers and was able to find a few suitable candidates. As you can imagine, not too many freelancers specialize in HARO responses like they would content writing, so he had to find someone with a unique set of skills.

It didn’t happen overnight. As you know, when you hire someone for a task for the first time there are always teething problems. Through that, again, Anothny was able to develop processes and templates that made the entire process as smooth as possible.

And it worked. Overall, outsourcing HARO has been incredibly cost-effective while saving Anthony time every day.

Some months, he only pays $13 a link.

And as your site grows, you’ll not only have HARO links, along with any other strategy you build, but you’ll organically attract links.

Just look at some of the recent link reports for Anthony’s site.


Granted, this isn’t all HARO, some links may have only recently been discovered that were built but they play a major part in Anthony’s link building efforts.


20% Conversion Rate, Including a DR92 Link!


A podcast listener, Kyle, has been using HARO to build links for his niche site too.

He responded to over 40 HARO queries over a four-month period and was able to build nine high DA backlinks for free.

The Domain Rating range was from 30-92.

That helped him build his own Domain Rating and Authority.


He started in using HARO in February 2019. And you can see right when the links started flowing.

Of course, traffic poured in after the links from HARO. The great part is that natural links started showing up over time.

And Kyle doesn’t even have any credentials in his niche and spends under 30 minutes writing a response.

With the right processes, anyone can do this — Even if you not an expert in the niche.

Two Free DR90+ Links in a Month

Shawna Newman from SkipBlast has gotten excellent results with HARO. She's spent as much as $1,500 for a link in the past, but it's FREE with HARO.

She tried HARO for her link building with her blog recently.


"I responded to a total of 16 HARO requests from my Skipblast email last month, so that’s a 31% success rate."

In her first month trying HARO, she was able to build the following links:

  • Forbes (DR 93)
  • Cloudways (DR 90)
  • Verblio (DR 67)
  • MotionCue (DR 33)
  • AwareNow (DR 21)

All for free. If you were to pay for those links individually, you’d be looking at well over a thousand dollars or more.

Shawna says:

"And the best backlinks are the ones that aren’t easy to replicate by the competition.
That’s part of what makes HARO so great for building links to your sites. I’ve been using HARO for my sites since 2016…"

Hi, I'm Doug

I’m Doug Cunnington — a Project Management Professional (PMP) — and I worked as a management consultant helping companies implement big projects. Then, I got laid off in 2015 and decided to scale up my affiliate site business.

So now I work for myself and have felt the exact same confusion and overwhelm that you have.

I've grown my own sites and helped hundreds of other people earn more, rank higher, and get more traffic.

These aren't one off case studies or flukes, and they are recent results from 2020.


I've been featured or mentioned in:

Introducing HARO Linkbuilding


A proven framework to get links using HARO.

Effective. Repeatable. Outsourceable.

Sign up for HARO and start replying today.

Then, learn how to outsource the whole process.

Unit 1: An Introduction to HARO

If you’re completely new to HARO, you’ll get the basics.

You’ll learn:

  • An introduction to HARO
  • Why it’s important for link building
  • The HARO daily process
  • How to sign up to HARO and organize your account.

Unit 2: Responding to HARO Emails

Once you’ve set up your account, it’s time to get responding.

You’ll learn:

  • How to answer HARO emails so your pitch will be accepted.
  • Tips, templates, processes and strategies to make your time responding to HARO emails as time-effective as possible.
  • Collecting data to optimize your responses.
  • The templates we use when responding.

Unit 3: Outsourcing HARO

Once you’ve got your feet settled and you’re comfortable with the process, you can look into outsourcing the process.

In this unit, you’ll learn:

  • Where you can find VAs to outsource HARO responsibilities too, and what skills they’ll need to have.
  • What ground rules you’ll need to have with your freelancers.
  • Tips on making everything as smooth as possible.
  • Outsourcing FAQs. These are the mistakes that we made when we started - so hopefully you don’t have to!

Unit 4: Reverse HARO Technique

(Using HARO as a Reporter)

I decided to flip the process on its head and see if I could build links that way. Plus, when you operate on the "reporter" side, you'll gain insights on the entire process, making you more effective as a source.

You'll learn:

  • Why submitting source requests is a ninja move.
  • What to put in a source request.
  • What NOT to put in a source request. (I've had some requests rejected!)
  • How to process your replies (without tossing your laptop out the window).
  • How to get links without being sleazy.

1-on-1 Coaching with Doug

You can get a 45 minute coaching session with Doug.

You can work with Doug directly so you can get specific help with your questions.

His hourly rate is normally $447.

During the launch week, you’ll be able to get a massive discount on 1 on 1 coaching.

The course is mostly video content including some over-the-shoulder videos. There are a few lessons that are text based when that’s the best format for the content.

All the content is available immediately (it is not dripped out each week like some larger courses).

You could go through all the material over a weekend and start immediately.



Reg. Price $647 (use coupon code: AUG2022-100)

  • 60 minute 1-on-1 Coaching 
  • An introduction to HARO 
  • Responding to HARO efficiently
  • Outsourcing HARO successfully
  • All the templates, spreadsheets, and guides that we use.
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Reg. Price $397 (use coupon code: AUG2022-100)

  • An introduction to HARO
  • Responding to HARO efficiently
  • Outsourcing HARO successfully
  • All the templates, spreadsheets, and guides that we use.
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Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you decide Site Growth Plan is not for you over the next 30 days, just let me know and I’ll send you a prompt refund.

If you don’t benefit from the training material, email me before the 31st day, show me you did the worksheets, and I’ll happily refund your full payment.

“I stand by the Site Growth Plan and believe it will work for you. If not, then it’s no problem – Customer Service and Satisfaction is my #1 priority.”

Douglas Cunnington

Who Is This Course For?

  • If you don’t like building links to your site
  • If you want a cheap, or even free, link building strategy
  • If you want to support your pre-existing link building efforts with something a little more organic
  • If you’ve tried HARO before but could never get results
  • If you have heard of HARO but haven’t tried it yet
  • You’ve had success with HARO, but you’re interested in outsourcing
  • If you’re willing to put in the time and work to get results.

Who Is This Course NOT For?

  • If you want to start ranking number one on SERPS overnight.
  • If you’re not willing do put the work in
  • If you’re just getting started and don’t have a site yet
  • If you’re already dominating HARO and have VAs writing responses

If you want a cost-effective way to build organic links, it's time to take action.

There's no secret about links. The more you have, the more it helps your site. Services like HARO are great but can be hard to stand out. You need a repeatable process to optimize the time you spend on HARO.
Now is the time to get started using HARO to grow your niche site with strong backlinks.

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