Figure Out Where You Want Your Site to Be and How to Get There

With Site Gap Analysis

You’ve taken action and started a site.

The site has some content and even some traffic. 

You might have 20-25 posts or 200 posts. And you might be earning under a hundred dollars or a few thousand per month.

But so many of us reach a point where things plateau and level off. You know what’s worked in the past, but your site isn’t making the same progress by doing the same things.

One reason is that it’s possible that doing the same things again and again lead to diminishing results.

So publishing more content isn’t a bad thing. Of course! But you might have a better ROI if you focus on something else.

So how do you figure out what to work on? And in what order? You need to prioritize what to do first.

Introducing Site Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is simply documenting:

  • Where your site is now
  • Where you want your site to be
  • Developing a plan to close the gap

Looking at the situation from a different perspective brings clarity on exactly what you need to focus on. For me, it reduces stress too since it’s allows you to stop working on certain things for a while to focus on higher ROI items.

Site Gap Analysis takes you through Gap Analysis so you’ll have a plan on what to work on.

Site Gap Analysis doesn’t show or teach you how to implement the changes. That content is in Site Growth Plan.

You should be able to complete Site Gap Analysis in 1-2 hours. The output of the course will be a gap analysis for your site.

You’ll have newfound clarity about your site and your goals. And most importantly, how to reach your goals.


Doug Cunnington changed my life forever. Before connecting with him I was flailing, trying to figure out how to be successful and make money online. Now, I run my own business and live the type of life I want to live. Thank you, Doug.

Graham Cooke, Niche Site Entrepreneur


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  • How to assess the Current State
  • How to determine and dream about the Future State.
  • How to Close the Gap.
  • How to determine traffic Goals and why it can be a fool's errand.
  • Meant to be completed in 1-2 hours.


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